Aprilia USA and RideSmart Motorcycle School Announce Partnership

Paving new opportunities for riders to take their riding to the next level

RideSmart and ApriliaAprilia

Aprilia USA announces a new partnership with Texas-based, RideSmart Motorcycle School. The collaboration expands upon the already celebrated Aprilia Racers Days track day program, to add additional touch points with a dedicated motorcycle school and track day provider, giving thousands of riders the chance to attend one of many calendar events with RideSmart Motorcycle School over the next four years. As a result of this collaboration, riders can work to improve their riding skills in a track environment, which can be translated into better precision and speed on track, and safety on the road, and even elevate their commitment through a dedicated race program.

With this partnership, RideSmart Motorcycle School events will have a range of Aprilia sport motorcycles available as rentals, enhancing the already premium offering. RideSmart Motorcycle School’s track day programming provides the ultimate experience, combining safety, education, and with on-track riding.

In addition to model availability, one of the most exciting aspects of is the introduction of the “Fly-N-Ride” program, where participants from anywhere in the world can now experience riding class-leading motorcycles on a world-class circuit, like Circuit of the Americas. Limited to availability, and select dates, this program opens the world of roadracing and track riding to enthusiasts all over the globe, with the dream of riding where their favorite racers have competed.

“Our partnership with Aprilia reinforces RideSmart Motorcycle School’s commitment to shaping the future of motorcycling, not just with events and coaching opportunities, but also racing in the United States, says Dave Johnson, Owner and Operator of RideSmart Motorcycle School. “Together, we pave the way for aspiring riders to develop their skills in a safe and exhilarating environment, fueling a passion for excellence, while fostering a community of talented riders and racers.”

The partnership between Aprilia and RideSmart Motorcycle School represents a significant step forward in providing motorcycle enthusiasts with exclusive access to premium riding experiences. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as Aprilia and RideSmart embark on this exciting journey together.