Tamburini’s Bust Unveiled In Rimini

A magic night for Massimo.

Morena and Simona Tamburini unveiled the Italian motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini’s bust.Tamburini Family

With the medieval Castel Sismondo in the background, the unveiling of the bust that will celebrate Massimo Tamburiniin his hometown of Rimini, Italy, was a moment of intense emotions and passion. Massimo's bust was surrounded by some of the most celebrated of his creations, coming from the Tamburini collection.

I must underline that chief CRC modeling specialist, and former Massimo Tamburini collaborator, Renzo Jarno Vandi did a marvelous job, masterfully interpreting Massimo’s portrait and turning it into a most expressive bust in bronze.

Renzo Jarno Vandi interpreted Tamburini’s most familiar portrait into a bronze bust.Tamburini Family

Given the coincidence with the San Marino GP in nearby Misano, the event was attended by a number of motorcycling champions of yesterday and today. I noticed the great Virginio Ferrari and Massimo Matteoni, PierPaolo Bianchi, Manuel Poggiali, Mattia Pasini, young Thomas Rossi, and Igor Antonelli. And obviously there was the Tamburini family: wife Pasquina, son Andrea, and daughters Simona and Morena, who unveiled Massimo’s bust.

Tamburini’s bust was unveiled in front of Rimini’s Castel Sismondo.Tamburini Family

A very special night to remember the Michelangelo of motorcycling design and engineering. There are none like Massimo, and the township of Rimini rightly wanted to celebrate one of its most brilliant and creative sons.