Taking Up Roadracing At 63 Years Old

Someday is not infinite.

Nick’s bassy, booming voice is back, this time talking with Gary Pattee just a few days after the doctor’s first roadrace at Willow Springs International Raceway in AHRMA competition.

The doc, Gary Pattee, at speed with the AHRMA new-racer’s vest on. Pattee attended the AHRMA new-racers’ school on Friday, competed in a mock race that evening, and was allowed to race his KTM Saturday and Sunday. Each day is a separate round. Practice in the morning, then let’s go racing!Pattee Collection/Etech
Pattee, pre-race, Willow Springs International Raceway. The 63-year-old is a longtime street rider and loves doing trackdays. He thought he might go roadracing “someday.” AHRMA makes the dive into roadracing as accessible as possible.Pattee Collection
A big part of Pattee’s debut in roadracing was prepping the bike himself. We who dabble in our own machine prep realize the therapeutic wonderfulness of “garage time”; seen here is clean and correct safety wiring that includes bent pigtails. Might help that Pattee is an orthopedic surgeon…Pattee Collection

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