Isle of Man TT Race Week Gallery

Race Week at the TT.

Peter Hickman opened the 2022 TT by taking the top podium step of the RST Superbike race on his BMW M 1000 RR, followed Dean Harrison on his Kawasaki ZX-10RR and Michael Dunlop riding his Suzuki GSXR1000.Paul Phillips

Racing returned to the Isle of Man at the much anticipated TT, and unsurprisingly, Peter Hickman was in control. Hickman, on his FHO Racing BMW M 1000 RR sponsored by Gas Monkey Garage, dominated the big bikes, winning the opening day Superbike race with a 40-second margin over Dean Harrison. Hickman was the only rider to exceed 130 mph.

Hickman also took home the RL360 Superstock and Milwaukee Tool Senior TT wins on his BMW M 1000 RRs and added to his win tally by riding his PHR Performance Paton Twin 650 to victory in the Bennetts Supertwin event.

Michael Dunlop arrived at the 2022 TT with 19 prior wins and was eager to get more. He notched win numbers 20 and 21 on his MD Racing Yamaha YZF-R6. The opening race also marked John McGuinness’ 100th TT start and an opportunity to add to his 23 victories while celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Honda Fireblade. Hickman wasn’t far off the mark with third in the first Supersport Race and second in the final event. Hickman finished with four wins, one second, and a third.

Before the race, fuel canisters are filled along pit lane. The six-lap event necessitates two fuel stops; fuel is gravity-fed from an elevated canister.Paul Phillips
Notoriously cool Peter Hickman looks inward as he prepares for the first TT race day since 2019.Paul Phillips
John McGuinness has his 100th TT start for Honda Racing UK on the 30th anniversary Fireblade CBRR-R, taking fifth on the opening day of racing and averaging 126.8 mph.Paul Phillips
At 23 years old, Nathan Harrison (28), the winner of both the 2019 Junior and Senior Manx Grand Prix, is hardly new to the TT course. Harrison finished his first TT Superbike race in 12th on a Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR-R. Having made up the 20-second gap in their start times, he took the inside line on the final turn into Governor’s Dip with Rob Hodson (26) on a Kawasaki ZX-10.Paul Phillips
Jonathan Perry has made the final turn on his Kawasaki ZX-10 and will soon see the grandstand as he crests the horizon.Paul Phillips
Hickman pulls into the winner’s enclosure for the first time in 2022 and burns off all the tire that wasn’t left out on the course.Paul Phillips
The return of the TT is celebrated well beyond the paddock, with Harvey Mushman, a six-piece cover band named in honor of Steve McQueen’s racing pseudonym, played to 3,000 fans at Bushy’s TT Village.Paul Phillips
Lee Johnston had his first TT victory in the final Supersport event at the 2019 TT. While many riders strive for the top on the big bikes, Lee on his Ashcourt Racing Yamaha YZF-R6 strives to win on the Supersport 600’s. Of smaller stature than some of the other riders, he naturally feels more at home on his R6. In the first Supersport race of 2022, he finished just off of the podium in 4th behind Dunlop, Harrison and Hickman with a race average of 125.4 mph.Paul Phillips
American Chris Sarbora rode to 25th place and came oh-so-close to his 120-mph average speed goal, hitting 119.8 mph on his final lap.Paul Phillips
Manx brothers Ryan and Callum Crowe raced their Honda-powered sidecar to second place in the Race 1, less than a second ahead of the third-place finisher.Paul Phillips
Augmenting the army of course marshals are seven Traveling Marshals stationed around the course. Traveling Marshals have race experience and emergency medical training and must be capable of riding a 100-mph lap. Both Jim Hunter, left, and Steve Grainger have competed in the Manx Grand Prix.Paul Phillips
Sixteen-time TT winner Ian Hutchinson (4) leads McGuinness (1) out of Parliament Square on the way to the Snaefell Mountain Road.Paul Phillips
Having made up most of his 60-second gap on Hutchinson, eventual RL360 Superstock race winner Hickman lifts the front wheel of his FHO Racing BMW M 1000 RR with each gearshift out of Parliament Square on his way to his second TT victory of the week, capping it off with a 133.5 mph final lap.Paul Phillips
Tuesday of race week is for rest, maintenance, and the ever-continuing preparation for the next race. Hickman’s BMW M 1000 RR Superstock is done for the week and has a place of honor in his paddock.Paul Phillips
During practice week, Sam West came off his BMW S 1000 RR at Laurel Bank. West suffered only limited soft tissue injuries to his hand and knee, but his bike burst into flames, leaving only a small portion of his number plate recognizable.Paul Phillips
Sam West’s teammate, Sarbora had raced his BMW S 1000 RR at the Northwest 200. However, he was only racing Supersport at the TT. The team quickly changed the bike’s setup to suit West, allowing him to race in both the Superstock as well as the Milwaukee Tool Senior TT with respectable speed in each race, exceeding 120 mph.Paul Phillips
Capping off the planned rest day were two legendary demonstration teams. The Purple Helmets, after sharing their motorcycle antics for the past 27 years, decided that 2022 will be their final TT.Paul Phillips
A bit more precise than the Purple Helmets: The Royal Air Force Red Arrows, just a few days after performing for the Queen’s Jubilee, fly over Douglas Bay each year to help celebrate the TT.Paul Phillips
American Pete Murray launches his Kawasaki Ninja 650 over Ballaugh Bridge.Paul Phillips
Dunlop notched his 20th TT win in Monday’s Supersport. “I just want to ride my motorcycle and win races,” he said. Here he airs out his Paton 650.Paul Phillips
Leaving Ballaugh Bridge, we see what racers saw of Hickman and his Paton 650 while on the course and on his way to winning his third TT of 2022. He was the only rider to exceed a 120 mph average race speed in Bennetts Supertwin.Paul Phillips
The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Dunlop, after winning the Supersport Race 1 on Monday and trading the race lead with Hickman eight times, had mechanical problems during the Supertwin Race on Wednesday. Dunlop was ultimately black-flagged for riding back on the course at a non-race pace trying to shorten his trip back to the paddock.Paul Phillips
Friday of race week is a bank holiday and businesses are closed. Senior Friday is the main event of the TT, but with weather cancellations and incident delays, the Supersport Race also had to be run on Friday. Dunlop (6) took his 600 Yamaha to his 21st victory and is now only two wins behind McGuinness’ 23.Paul Phillips
With riders leaving the start every 10 seconds, bunching up is rare. Coming into Greeba Bridge, McGuinness (1) leads Hickman (10) and Hutchinson (4). Hidden behind the group is Davey Todd (8).Paul Phillips
TT fans crane their necks to make eye contact with riders coming straight at them. The racing is so close that spectators feel the sound of the engine deep in their lungs as each racer skirts the hedge, trying to pick the optimum line through each turn.Paul Phillips
More than 600 marshals are stationed around the course so that every inch of asphalt can be seen. Roger Clark’s 50-year marshal tenure can be traced through his collection of pins.Paul Phillips
Entering the Ramsey Hairpin at 120 mph and slamming on the brakes as they approach the turn, riders stand the bike up and cut their speed to about 40 mph before setting up to lean in, as picnicking fans watch from above.Paul Phillips
Changing weather on Friday forced the delay of the Senior TT to Saturday. At 24.5 miles into lap 2, eventual winner Hickman (10) gained 40 seconds on Dunlop (6) and 50 seconds on James Hillier (5) as they passed through the Ramsey Hairpin.Paul Phillips
Manxman Connor Cummins could look back over his shoulder and see both his home in Ramsey and his Conrod’s Coffee Shop near Parliament Square.Paul Phillips
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hit a pigeon at over 150 mph, ask Dean Harrison. His first bird strike of the day smashed his windshield on lap 2. Later in the race he had a second bird strike on the left of his fairing.Paul Phillips
This picture encompasses 44 TT victories. Dunlop, ahead of McGuinness with 21 victories to McGuiness’ 23, takes a moment to wave to cheering fans. See you in 2023, everybody.Paul Phillips