Vespa 2023

Some minor yet tasty updates to Italy’s timeless scooters.

Vespa’s big news mostly came last year for their 75th anniversary. This year a special color and graphics treatment is the key difference for the tenth anniversary edition Vespa 946.Vespa

Vespa will turn 76 years old this year. Now, nobody makes a big deal out of their 76th anniversary, especially when they’ve just thrown a big 75th bash, as Vespa did. But Vespa still deserves a moment of our attention: Piaggio’s technical department, and, even more so, their styling department, are always keen to keep their legendary scooter up to date. At EICMA 2022, Vespa revealed some minor variations on their original basic theme.

First, Vespa is celebrating another anniversary, the tenth anniversary of the iconic 946 edition. This model is hand-made on a special line, underscoring its ties with the very first Vespa 98. The 10th Anniversary Edition comes in a special shade of green, and the special green wheels also feature a large hub that recalls the old drum brake. But make no mistake, the 946′s technology is absolutely up to date, with disc brakes and ABS, traction control, and LED lighting equipment.

Note the way the GTV integrates the turn signals into the classic Vespa leg guards.Vespa

Vespa GTV

The Vespa GTV now comes in special colors too, mixing orange and white with a bright turquoise that makes it graphically distinct. The Vespa GTV might be the most attractive of all the Vespa variations, placing the headlight on the front fender in the style of much earlier Vespas, and using a tubular-steel handlebar too.

The 2023 Vespa GTV features a nice little retro touch, mounting the headlight on the bike’s front fender, just as much earlier Vespas did.Vespa

Once again its technology is totally modern, as it uses the 300cc/23-horsepower engine. Itts electronics suite includes ABS and traction control, while the classic looking instrumentation offers a complete connectivity system that links to the riders smartphone to supply a complete range of information about the trip and key vehicle parameters. LED lighting is part of the package too, along with refreshed graphics and colors.

The Primavera’s color scheme may be a little jarring to the American eye, but not to many Europeans, especially up in the north.Vespa