Tamburini F43 Tributo

A limited-edition tribute to the master.

While plenty of motorcycles look stunning in a designer’s sketch, something is often lost when it comes time to make the actual parts. Not with the new Tamburini F43 Tributo—it’s as pure and true as the master intended.Tamburini

Massimo Tamburini is an icon of motorcycle design, a man whose name should generate admiration in the heart of every motorcycling connoisseur and enthusiast. One of the founders of Bimota (the first two letters of “Tamburini” form the company’s last syllable), while today he’s best known as the man principally responsible for the legendary Ducati 916′s look, the maestro earlier specialized in transforming MV Agustas and putting them into race tune.

The maestro’s signature graces the fairing, like an artist signing his artwork.Tamburini

Andrea Tamburini is Massimo’s son, and has been struggling to keep the family name alive, especially when it comes to motorcycles. Before his passing in 2014, Massimo was working on another masterpiece, the T12. He’d almost completed it when he lost his battle with cancer. Andrea finished the project, and he and his partners expected a big financial return from their efforts. Alas, while the project was well received and generally admired, it was never a commercial success—in part because the partners started feuding, an outcome all too typical of such ventures.

Underneath that skin, you’ll be astride an MV Agusta F4. Tamburini will sell you just the bodywork, or source out a bike to go with it.Tamburini

Andrea pivoted, designing and developing a body kit on his own, refreshing the legendary MV Agusta F4, one of Massimo’s greatest creations. The kit is called Tamburini F43 Tributo (from the year of Massimo’s birth: 1943) and it includes  every component right down to the most minor, all manufactured in carbon fiber and finely polished alloy. Since the MV Agusta F4 is no longer in production (having been supplanted by its naked sister, the Brutale 1000 RR), the Tamburini faithful will need to source a tarnished F4. Perhaps you already have one cluttering up your garage? Another option: Andrea may try to adapt his body kit to make it appropriate for the Brutale 1000.

Crisp lines, a unique exhaust system and much more, the Tributo is all about making a statement.Tamburini

For now the plan is for 25 units. The styling shows its T12 inspiration in the fairing nose section, while tank and seat are more bulbous. The pairing has clean sides, but its lower rear section is very large in what appears to be an attempt to obtain a rear lower spoiler. Price for the kit has been set at 16,000 euros (approximately $17,000). Want to buy a complete bike based on an MV Agusta F4 turned? That’s going to be 35,000 euros (about $37,200). The kit comes in five color executions: Tamburini, Veltro, Mamba, Viper, and Serie Oro, all priced the same.

Good luck, Andrea!

Shown here in red, the F43 Tributo is available in five color choices: Tamburini, Veltro, Mamba, Viper, and Serie Oro.Tamburini