RS Remix

Muth and Martin build a modern R nineT RS.

Georg Martin and Hans Muth shown with their latest creation, the R nineT RS.Darren Jackin

Hans Muth isn’t one to sit still. Almost 50 years after he brought us the original R 100 RS, the master has joined forces with Georg “Schorsch” Martin, a BMW dealer and custom builder in Bavaria, for a collab they call the “TwinM Projekt” (Martin + Muth). The two previously worked on an R 90 S-inspired version of the R nineT; their latest effort is the R nineT RS.

The TwinM Projekt is way more than just tacking an old fairing onto a new bike—it’s about marrying the spirit of the original with modern running gear.Darren Jackin

Muth calls himself the “spiritual director,” and Wolfgang Spieß is cast as the “all-around tinkerer.” The effort is part of a larger concept: Exploring the spirit of BMW’s iconic two-valve airheads of the 1970s and 1980s, such as the R 90 S and R 100 RS, and bringing them up to date with a modern BMW engine/chassis package.

Muth’s concept drawing of the R nineT RS.Hans Muth

The R nineT RS combines a fairing and other design elements from the original R 100 RS with a modern BMW R nineT engine and chassis. Muth notes that the “Mono plus seat and tailsection required a new execution, guided by the original but revised for the R nineT’s proportions. Informed eyes will note blue-anodized front-brake calipers, just like those on the original bike. Muth calls it an RS in mind and soul: Handwerk trifft Kreativität wie auch Ikone trifft zeitgemäßes Engineering, craftsmanship meets creativity; an icon meets modern engineering. He also notes that, as with the original, the bike is a collaborative social product of enthusiasts working together, designed without CAD and built without robots.

Can you ride one? Muth says there’s always a potential for a limited edition.

We suspect the line would be long for a R nineT RS TwinM Projekt limited edition.Darren Jackin