Harley-Davidson Teams Up With GMC For New Truck

This Sierra pickup is the first-ever H-D branded GMC vehicle.

Harley-branded GMC vehicles
You’re looking at the first-ever Harley-branded GMC vehicles, produced in collaboration with Tuscany Motor Co.Harley-Davidson

Remember the very first Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson edition? A whole millennium ago (well, you know what we mean), Ford unveiled the 2000 F-150, the first of many Ford-Harley trucks to come at the 1999 Sturgis Rally. The partnership spanned almost 20 years, with the last iteration appearing as last year’s 2019 F-150—not technically a Ford product, but a collaboration between Harley-Davidson and Tuscany Motor Company, who built the truck; Ford licensed and sold it.

And now it’s somebody else’s turn, and Milwaukee has teamed up with longtime partner Tuscany—a subsidiary of Fox Factory—to place the bar-and-shield logo over the grille of a GMC pickup for the first time ever.

Harley-branded GMC
The 2020 Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra is a limited-edition specialty truck, with only 250 examples produced.Harley-Davidson

The vehicle of choice, a GMC Sierra, was introduced at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, over the weekend wearing the requisite bar silhouette with orange trim both on its exterior and in strategic location inside. Only 250 of these limited-edition bad boys will be built and made available through select GMC/Tuscany dealers in North America.

It’s a premium vehicle, naturally—the V-8-powered 2020 Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $94,995. So what do you get for nearly 100 large, then? For one thing, more than 65 edition-specific components—some of them “motorcycle-inspired”—that go out of their way to remind you this thing is somehow connected to the Milwaukee mothership.

22-inch milled aluminum wheels
Overall styling is inspired by Harley’s Fat Boy, especially on the 22-inch milled aluminum wheels. They roll on 35-inch all-terrain tires.Harley-Davidson

In fact, the overall styling is said to draw from the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, and exterior “motorcycle-inspired components,” according to the Tuscany team, include Harley-Davidson-branded 22-inch milled aluminum wheels (a nod to the Fat Boy), a custom-tuned exhaust topped with Harley-Davidson exclusive solid billet aluminum tips, and a smattering of distinctive Harley-Davidson bar-and-shield badging on select body panels. Of course, there are also bold, conspicuously placed H-D lettering under the front grille and full across the tailgate. Subtle is not the name of the game here.

Harley-Davidson grille
Tuscany and Harley came up with this custom Harley-Davidson grille with bar-and-shield patterned mesh, accented by a continuous orange contour insert.Harley-Davidson

The relentless branding doesn’t stop at the door either; you’ll see stainless steel Harley-Davidson-logo-ed gauges, billet foot pedals, and two-tone diamond-stitched and perforated custom leather surfaces across much of the lushly appointed interior. The final H-D note is struck by a numbered Harley-Davidson center console badge.

BDS lift kit
Like last year’s Ford-licensed model, the GMC also gets a BDS lift kit, high-performance Fox shocks, fender flares, and wheels that riff on the Fat Boy’s solid rims.Harley-Davidson

Adding to the truck’s gnarly look are a slew of edition-specific components like a custom BDS suspension lift with upgraded Fox shocks, 35-inch all-terrain tires, lighted running boards, custom fender flares, a front bumper boasting an integrated LED light bar, a Harley-designed induction-style hood, rear bumper with custom exhaust ports, and a color-matched Harley-Davidson-stamped tonneau cover with bar-and-shield logo. Naturally all the little details get the bar-and-shield treatment too, with the bed mat, floor mats, and door entry sills all bearing the H-D logo, while there’s a custom accent color door, and dash and steering wheel trim to also carry the theme.

billet aluminum tips and orange accents
A custom-tuned exhaust with Harley-Davidson exclusive solid billet aluminum tips and orange accents, exiting out of custom exhaust ports.Harley-Davidson

So what’s the official spin on the new vehicle? According to Jeff Burttschell, vice president, Tuscany Motor Co., “Working closely with Brad Richards, vice president of Styling and Design at Harley-Davidson, we created a fantastic truck worthy of the Harley-Davidson name. For the first time in history, it will be possible to rumble down the road in a V-8-powered Harley-Davidson edition GMC truck.”

GMC hood
The black injection-molded hood, with vent inserts allowing for induction air flow.Harley-Davidson
Keeping it classy with subdued lettering and a small(ish) logo.Harley-Davidson
The interior is appropriately plush, with two-tone diamond-stitched and perforated custom leather throughout, and a numbered Harley-Davidson center console badge to verify exclusivity.Harley-Davidson
tonneau cover
Edition-specific components include a color-matched Harley-Davidson-inspired tonneau cover with debossed Harley-Davidson bar-and-shield logo-ed, carpeted bed mat underneath.Harley-Davidson

Under the arrangement with Harley and GMC, Tuscany will provide the Sierra (it enjoys bailment pool status with GM) and manufacture the interior and exterior components under Harley-Davidson’s direction. The 2020 Harley-Davidson GMC will be available for delivery at select authorized GMC dealers beginning February 2020. Visit harleytruck.com/GMC or call (817) 769-4720 for more info. For more on Tuscany, see tuscanyautomotive.com.