Triumph SOS App Debuts

New system uses your smartphone to detect an accident and call for help.

Triumph SOS uses your smartphone to detect an accident and notify emergency responders. It’s out now for iOS and Android users.Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles is stepping up its electronic rider aid game, but this time, not just on its bikes. The firm has just announced a useful addition for motorcyclists’ everyday safety tool kits with the introduction of the new Triumph SOS app, an accident detection system that’s also designed to connect you to the nearest medical or rescue services when the shiny side goes down. And it’s available to any rider, whether they ride the Triumph brand or not.

The app is available for riders of any brand of bike, but Triumph owners get a three-month trial for free.Triumph Motorcycles

According to Triumph, the app has been specifically tailored to motorcycle riders and keeps motorcycle dynamics in mind as it monitors key sensors in your smartphone to detect and validate an accident using a “unique validation process.” The platform then automatically delivers the rider’s key details to nearby emergency services within seconds of validation, saving valuable time. Precise GPS location, bike details, direction of travel, and vital medical information are just some of the data transferred to give responders a better chance of reaching you quickly. And because it’s an app, that system isn’t physically tied to your motorcycle, but rather your phone, so the added safety goes with you if you switch bikes (and take your phone with you). And, yes, there’s an auto-pause feature to help prevent accidental triggering; the system also lets you confirm you’re okay before dispatching anybody. If they can’t make contact, a responder will head your way.

But what if you’re paranoid about Big Brother (like we are)? On that point, Triumph says the app doesn’t record or send any speed or telematics data to the authorities or responding services. Still, buyer beware: according to the App Store, your browsing history may be collected “and linked to your identity.” You’ve been warned.

The new service officially launched in the US, Canada and Europe this week, with additional roll-outs in Australia and New Zealand as well. Triumph says the app is available to any and all riders, but you do get the benefit of a 3-month free trial if you happen to ride a Triumph. After that, it’ll cost you $4.99 a month for the service, which is not inexpensive, but at least there’s no long term commitment required. You can get a more complete picture of the Triumph SOS app at iOS and Android app stores.