These Air Compressor Tools Are Ideal For Motorcyclists

Bring the joy of using pneumatic tools into your garage or workshop.

If you think pneumatic tools are the province of diesel mechanics, farmers, and contractors, you’re not wrong. But they also have a place in a motorcyclist’s garage. From applying mondo torque to free seized bolts that Liquid Wrench can’t touch to using a blow gun to dry your bike’s hidden recesses, pneumatic tools come in handy. Plus, the sound of an impact wrench gratuitously “revving” is one of the more satisfying noises in any garage. It’s not quite up there with the exhaust note emanating from the Kerker 4-into-1 pipe on a Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica after the engine was fired up for the first time in decades. Okay, it’s nowhere close. But still…

Ingersoll Rand 2115 TiMax 3/8-Inch Impactool

Capable of 300 pound-feet of max torque—eat your heart out, internal-combustion engines—the 2115 TiMax has a four-position power regulator.Amazon

If you need torque for a big motorcycle task, check out this 3/8-inch impact wrench from Ingersoll Rand. Motorcyclists need to use impact wrenches with caution because bikes aren’t, you know, tractors; loosening small aluminum nuts and bolts typically doesn’t require huge torque. If, however, a hack mechanic has over-torqued your bike’s rear axle nut, a quality impact wrench will prevent you from muttering a machine-gun barrage of expletives.

Motion Pro Fill Air Chuck

With a standard 1/4-inch inlet size, the Pro Fill chuck will accommodate quick couplers.Amazon

Another solid product from Motion Pro, the Pro Fill air chuck makes topping up your tires a breeze. The Pro Fill has a pivoting head and a long handle so it can properly engage hard-to-reach valve stems, a particular problem on wire-spoked wheels or bikes with the dreaded 330mm front brake disc/180-degree valve-stem combo. If you’ve invested in a quality air compressor, you’ll want a good chuck to go with it. How does one machined from billet aluminum sound?

FirstInfo Two-Way Air-Duster Blow Gun

The FirstInfo air gun has a max rating of 140 psi. A flow-control knob lets you monitor pressure.Amazon

After washing your motorcycle and toweling it dry, there are likely still lots of nooks and crannies filled with water. A simple solution is to take a quick spin to air dry the bike, but that’s not always convenient or even possible. With a pneumatic air-gun attachment, however, you can eradicate the silent corroder that is standing water so you can sleep soundly and spend your worrying quota on something more pressing.