Smoke ’Em On The Racetrack, Grill ’Em In The Pits

Three convenient cookers that make raceday more civilized, savory, and fun.

After a day of racing on the track, it’s somehow ironic that hanging out calmly in the pits can be just as satisfying in its own way. Maybe that’s the yin and yang of motorcycle racing: fast and furious, followed by mellow and melodious. As everybody knows, swapping racing stories and regaling how you totally stuffed your buddy going into the hairpin goes better with a nice barbecue. And so, whether you ride your bike to the track, drive or tow a giant toy hauler, or pilot an old pickup, these grillers are just right for cooking action in the pits. Thinking ahead to our next track outing, we selected a small solo propane burner, a traditional BBQ-briquette unit, and a nifty portable propane grill. Let us know when the grub’s on!

Weber Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill

A traditional barbecue heated by briquettes, this 14-inch-diameter Smokey Joe is capable of cooking up to five burgers at a time.Amazon

Whether you’re craving breakfast grits, a hot dog lunch, or post-race burgers, this Weber Smokey Joe portable grill will make the world right. Small but potent, the 14-inch-diameter grill stands just 17 inches high and can hold up to five burgers at a time. A movable damper—similar to a throttle valve on a really old carburetor!—lets you control the temperature inside the grill. A steel cooking grate that’s said to be easy to clean is included with the Smokey Joe, while the lid and bowl are porcelain-enameled for heat retention and durability.

Blackstone 17-Inch Table Top Grill

After the race, swap your helmet for a chef’s hat and start tailgate grilling with this easy-to-use Blackstone tabletop grill.Amazon

Just right for tailgate grilling on, well, the tailgate of your pickup, this portable Blackstone Table Top Grill is available in 17-, 19-, and 22-inch sizes. It has a convenient electric igniter built right in and gets its fuel from a standard 1-pound propane bottle. Designed for easy use while traveling, the flat griddle contains a grease drain and holder at one corner, and the maker says the working surface can be cleaned simply by wiping with a paper towel. Heating power is a gutsy 12,000 BTU.

Coleman Portable Gas Stove

Producing up to 10,000 BTUs, this Coleman portable gas stove packs tightly and can run up to 2-1/2 hours on a 16.4-ounce propane bottle.Amazon

Flying solo and thus cooking for one? This compact Coleman Gas Stove screws atop a common 16.4-ounce propane bottle and cooks up a virtual Texas tornado with a peak output of 10,000 BTUs, making it ideal for grilling a single burger or heating a pot of oatmeal or soup. The flame is adjustable via a knob and control valve, and baffles shield the burner for peak efficiency, especially in windy conditions. The “chassis” of the Coleman Portable Gas Stove is actually the propane bottle, so storage requires minimal space.