Safe Storage Solutions For Garage Chemicals

Use these bins and cabinets to safely stow lubricants and related products.

If you service your own motorcycle—change the oil and filter, clean and lube the drive chain, or bleed the brake system—you need an appropriate place to store the chemicals associated with those jobs. This is especially crucial if you have small children. Safety of the little ones aside, you’ve got to keep funnels, spray cleaners, and half-empty oil containers somewhere, right? Accidentally kicking a dirty drain pan haphazardly shoved beneath your workbench is a frustration easily avoided. Let’s be clear: We’re talking basic storage here, not toxic-waste receptacles. Our picks won’t break the bank and will help keep your garage safe and tidy.

Steel SnapIt Storage Cabinet

This locking steel cabinet comes with two keys and has two adjustable shelves.Amazon

A basic two-door locking cabinet is a great way to store chemicals in the garage. This two-shelf steel cabinet can be wall-mounted or placed beneath a workbench for easy access. With external dimensions of 42 x 36 x 18 inches, it’s a good choice for home mechanics who don’t want to take up valuable space with a much-larger unit.

NewAge Products Pro 3.0 Garage Cabinet

Like other NewAge garage products, this New Age Pro 3.0 wall cabinet is available in several colors.Amazon

If aesthetics are a priority in your garage, buy a wall cabinet to mount above your matching tool chest. This locking steel cabinet can be mounted directly to wall studs or to a supplied wall-mounting bracket system. With an adjustable shelf inside, it’s just about the right size to keep chain lube and quart containers of motor oil out of sight and under lock and key

Homz Tough Durabilt Tote Box

Durabilt totes are available in multiple sizes to suit your needs. Heavy-duty lids are designed to ease stackability.Amazon

If cabinets are beyond your budget, Durabilt stackable totes are a great way to hide frequently used garage chemicals. And they’re ideal for storing oil drain pans and funnels. If you spill a little oil in them, no sweat: They’re easy to clean and not so expensive that a minor mess feels like you just soiled a Louis Vuitton trunk.