Roll Your Own Your Motorcycle Tool Kit

Got tools? Keep ’em organized and ready for use on the road or trail.

Back in the day, motorcycles came with real tool kits. BMW was especially known for including quality tools with its machines. These days, if you buy a new bike, the salesman might hand you a cheap spark-plug wrench in a plastic bag and say, “Here’s the tool kit,” as though you should expect your bike will never have any mechanical problems. If you’re assembling a real tool kit, you’ll need a good tool roll. You could use a large Ziploc bag, but it will likely tear before your first trip ends. So get something durable that will last. And if you’re not already carrying a tool kit on your bike, maybe picking up a cool organizer is all the motivation you need to put one together.

Bang For Your Buck

Buckle closures and 10-socket organizer are two convenience features that make the Rugged Tools organizer more than just a bargain.Amazon

This 32-pocket Rugged Tools roll is a no-nonsense organizer for your pliers, screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, and the like. It’s basic, affordable, and will easily do the job. This roll has 10 dedicated socket holders and is manufactured from 600-denier polyester so it should hold up well over time. It’s large enough to swallow a well-thought-out tool kit, but not so huge as to take up half the available space in a saddlebag or trunk.

Keeping It Simple

A quick repair job doesn’t have to be complicated.Amazon

Sometimes you just want to carry your variety of wrenches in a simple roll. Does it have enough slots? Nineteen will do the job. Does it have a storage space for smaller loose sockets? Yes, three hook-and-loop small parts pockets. Simple buckles? Sure thing. The final verdict: This tool roll is the one for you. With water-repellent material and two buckles you can protect and transport your tools easily. 

Old-School Look

Waxed canvas is durable, water-resistant, and looks better with age.Amazon

A waxed canvas and leather tool roll is probably the best gift for the vintage British motorcycle enthusiast. Or maybe it’s kind of a cruel joke. Either way, it would look just right with the bike. With plenty of slots for your Whitworth wrenches, a leather strap for a ratchet, and a large zippered compartment for odds and ends (or bits and bobs, as the Brits would say), it makes for a useful companion around town or on the road.