Motorcycle-Themed Beverage Holders Worthy Of A Toast

Give your morning coffee or after-ride beer or wine a special kick.

Coffee or tea, beer or wine. Whichever is your preference, it goes better when the cup or glass is adorned with your favorite motorcycle brand or honors your riding passion. That’s the mission of the products featured here: One is perfect for a morning pick-me-up and the others are just right for afternoon or evening socializing or winding down. All are “food safe,” meaning they’re actually for drinking, not just for display, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. So all of this begs an important question: Do you see the world as a glass that is half full or half empty? We’d bet that since you ride motorcycles, it’s the former—if not totally full! Read on for three interesting biker-beverage holders.

Triumph Motorcycle Coffee Mug

Triumph mug
Is it 1950 or 2020? Get that Triumph motorcycle feeling by filling this 11-ounce mug with your favorite cuppa java.Amazon

The graphics on this 11-ounce ceramic cup are made to last for years, thanks to a premium hard coat that’s said to be both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Naturally, the cup is likewise food safe and nontoxic, making it suitable for daily use with hot or cold beverages and not just for display. The maker states that the screen printing is done in America, allowing strict quality control while also keeping as much of the product production as possible stateside.

CafePress Norton Cafe Racer Pint Glass

CafePress Norton Cafe Racer Pint Glass
Fancy a pint while also fancying a Manx Norton bending into a right-hand turn? This 16-ounce drinking glass satisfies both.Amazon

For kickstarting the next benchracing session with your mates, it’s hard to imagine a better glass for your ale or stout than this one. Showing a Manx Norton leaned hard into a turn, it’s ready to garner attention while holding your pint—16 ounces to be specific. Semitranslucent printing takes on almost a mystical look when the glass is full. The vessel is made of durable lead-free glass and dishwasher safe, but the maker suggests hand-washing to best preserve the printed design.

Biker Babe Stemless Wine Glass

Biker Babe Stemless Wine Glass
Low and mean, this stemless wine glass carries an etched “Biker Babe” script and cruiser profile that make a feisty statement.Amazon

We didn’t even know stemless wine glasses were a thing! But they are and, moreover, they’re available in the generous 15-ounce size shown here, feistily appointed with a “Biker Babe” script and stylized cruiser profile. Both the words and cruiser image are laser-etched onto restaurant-quality glassware, which means this wine glass will last and last. And while it may not have quite the “cachet” of a traditional stemmed wine glass, you can bet this one will resist tipping over!