3 Moto Jerseys For Performance, Protection, And Style

Combine attitude, ventilation, and protection with these best-sellers.

If you were going into battle in a war zone, would you choose to wear a bulletproof vest or a sweatshirt? The answer seems obvious from our vantage point, and so if you’re hitting the motocross track, why not wear a jersey that protects you from flying roost and the inevitable raspberries that accompany a crash? In the “good old days,” guys raced in T-shirts, wool sweaters, and even cotton rugby jerseys. Today, though, the miracle of synthetic fabric blends provides abrasion resistance, moisture-wicking capability, and breathability that simultaneously protect and help keep you cool. But, of course, you also want to look sharp, and these items look stellar. So try on these three top products for size and then go dish up some roost.

Fly Racing F-16 Jersey

F-16 jersey
Sporting red/black/gray fighter-plane-themed graphics, the aptly named F-16 jersey from Fly Racing wields an aggressive presence.Amazon

It makes total sense that a company named Fly would develop a jersey for motocross—a sport that involves no small amount of flying!—honoring America’s great F-16 air-to-air fighter. Featuring a striking red/black/gray design, the F-16 jersey’s functional features include a comfort-stretch collar (with a tagless printed inside label), race-inspired graphics, and an elastic bottom hem to keep the jersey from “riding up” while you’re riding vigorously. So pull it over your body armor, set your attitude to “attack,” fire up your bike…and go.

Troy Lee Designs GP Air Jet Jersey

Troy jersey
Go back, back, way back with this Troy Lee Designs GP Air Jet jersey. Its rainbow of colors ingeniously mirrors nearly every new motocross bike made.Amazon

You are not going to be missed at the track wearing this 1970s-style yellow, orange, red, blue, and black GP Air Jet jersey from Troy Lee Designs. It’s a clever design because it just so happens that the colors mirror most of the current crop of motocross bikes, meaning it’ll be a great visual fit for every brand except Kawasaki and Husqvarna. The fiber polyester mesh material features large holes for excellent ventilation, and a gel print on the tail helps keep the jersey tucked in. A stretch vee-neck collar tops it off.

O’Neal Element Attack Jersey

O'neal jersey
Stylish and moisture-wicking, the O'Neal Element Attack jersey features a black/hi-vis color combination that helps you stand out in the dirt.Amazon

Made of a breathable and moisture-wicking material, O’Neal’s Element Attack Jersey features a black/hi-vis color combination that’s uniquely eye-catching in appearance, helping you stand out on the track—in case your riding talents do not! And that’s good for style points as well as adding an extra bit of safety that comes from being readily visible to other riders. This product is a unisex design, and features an extended tail that keeps the jersey tucked in while you’re hammering though the whoops.