Go Motorcycle Endurance Racing!

Joining or assembling a team could be the best way to get into motorcycle roadracing.

Endurance racing can make getting into motorcycle roadracing easier for a first-timer. You may not be Chris Peris on the Army of Darkness BMW, but maybe you could win your own class championship. Peris and Ben Walters collected their fifth consecutive N2/WERA Endurance National Championship. Here Peris runs it into turn one at Barber, and yes, he does this lap after lap.Brian J. Nelson/Courtesy of N2 Trackdays

Endurance racing can often be a rider’s first foray into roadracing. A rider can join a team, usually riding someone else’s bike, to fill out a roster without the full commitment of resources and personal equipment. Riding with a team also brings the additional hook of community, strategy, and teamwork.

This week’s Ienatsch Tuesday is a discussion with Rob Cichiello of N2 Trackdays and Chris Peris, the current and five-time N2/WERA Endurance Racing National Champion. American endurance racing has been revitalized in the last several years as N2 has put its might behind the WERA series. Nick talks with Rob and Chris about the joys and challenges of going fast for a long time. Get a team and make a race in 2020!

The Four Dudes On A Twin are (left to right) Rob Cichiello, Brian Muskovitch, Steve Wilson, and Robbie Cichiello…and the trophy represents the 2019 N2/WERA Lightweight Championship.Brian J. Nelson/Courtesy of N2 Trackdays
The Army of Darkness championship team: Fast, consistent, and able to overcome racing’s obstacles better than anyone in the nation. Sam Fleming (in leathers) is the kingpin and even runs a few laps now and then. It’s safe to say we can call this team dominantBrian J. Nelson/Courtesy of N2 Trackdays
A random pitstop at the final N2/WERA round at Barber…it’s a family affair and some of these families are amazingly quick.Brian J. Nelson/Courtesy of N2 Trackdays

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