2021 Volcon Runt First Look

A kid-sized electric off-road motorcycle from Texas

The new Runt from Texas-based Volcon ePowersports is a made-for-kids electric off-road motorcycle, with all the fun of a dirt bike plus built-in safety features for parents’ peace of mind.Volcon

Introducing our kids to the awesomeness of motorcycling is the best way to keep our sport/pastime/lifestyle alive, and doing it on an electric moto helps ensure they’ll still have beautiful places to ride when they grow up. To that end, Austin, Texas-based Volcon ePowersports has introduced a pint-size version of its Grunt electric off-road motorcycle, the kid-friendly Runt.

The 2021 Runt is no toy, with a 35-mile range that will allow the young rider to explore the great outdoors, plus a raft of safety features like app-driven geo-fencing controls, remote monitoring, performance limiters, and tip-over notifications that will satisfy the parental units’ peace of mind. When it’s time for a break, the Runt’s battery recharges in just two hours via a standard electric outlet.

The 2021 Runt (right) is a kid-sized version of Volcon’s Grunt electric off-road motorcycle, opening the door to fun and exploration the whole family can enjoy.Volcon

Electric motorcycles offer unique advantages over standard gas-powered models: the clutchless electric powertrain makes it easy for kids to master the basics of riding, while the app-based safety controls allow parents to monitor and regulate the Runt’s power and performance. There are three riding modes, and accessory seats and handlebars with different heights; as the young rider grows, the Runt evolves with them.

Pricing on the 2021 Volcon Runt starts at $2,995, and it’s available for preorder now, with deliveries beginning later this spring. The full-size Grunt will also be available this spring, with four-wheeled Stag and Beast models following later in the year.