2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Horsepower And Torque

How Much Power Does The 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Make?

The 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a simplistic, blacked-out cruiser that comes as a relatively well-priced package at just $8,999. The powerplant is identical to that of the Scout Sixty, being a liquid-cooled, 61ci (1,000cc) V-twin engine with a tall, yet well-spaced five-speed gearbox.

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty dynoRobert Martin

We tested the Indian on our in-house Cycle World dyno, recording horsepower and torque figures as part of our testing regiment. The Scout Bobber Sixty produced 67.83 hp at 7,140 rpm and 55.82 pound-feet of torque at 5,220 rpm. Peak torque output is relatively high in the rpm range, but note that the bike produces more than 50 pound-feet just before 2,000 rpm, making for usable power from the initial turn of the throttle while packing a punch in the midrange.

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