Video: There's a Reason Why I Race Motorcycles

Sport Rider’s Michael Gilbert writes stories for you during the week, and races MotoAmerica on the weekend

I race motorcycles because of the thrill, the passion, and the challenge. Racing definitely isn’t easy; in fact, it’s the hardest thing that I have ever done. Most of the battle goes unseen in a struggle to grow stronger or find sponsors just to make it to the grid of the next race weekend, but the fight at the racetrack is what I live for. Digging deep to drop tenths of a second, holding the other riders off for one more lap, or —when it all goes right— crossing the finish line first are the most enjoyable feelings life has to offer.

Like most, however, I live in the real world and work a real job that I have to balance with a full-time racing career, but it makes success at the racetrack oh so much sweeter. Hopefully one day my racing career will pay the bills, but until then I’ll keep dreaming (and writing more articles for you, ha!).

Whether you're out chasing your dream on the racetrack or in the business world, we hope this inspires you. Motivates you. Or at least pushes you to keep striving for what you want. We're all fighting for our own battles. Here's to winning them.