Video: Team 38 Takes a Kawasaki H2R to the Mojave Mile and Goes 215-Plus-Mph

Also tests at El Mirage Dry Lakebed

Kawasaki's supercharged, sans-speed-limiter H2R was developed for the sole purpose of going fast. How fast? Quite honestly, we're still not entirely sure. Fortunately for us and curious minds alike though, there is a long list of owners, riders, and teams out there trying to find out. Among that list of teams that have set out to find the limits of the H2R is Kawasaki's own Team 38.

Team 38 is described as an unincorporated group of Kawasaki employees and motorcycle enthusiasts who have over the years worked to develop Kawasaki motorcycles. In the video above, the team ends up taking its H2R to the Mojave Mile after its plans to race at Bonneville get canceled. Exactly how fast did the bike end up going once there? We won't completely ruin the video for you, but we will say that the top speed was somewhere north of 215 mph. Good? We'd say so, even if there are a few other modified H2s that have gone a bit quicker (Yes, we'll get you the video of those runs too).

To get the full scoop on Team 38's program and to watch the Mojave Mile run, click play on the video above. Heck, while you're at it, don't forget to also watch our half-mile runs on the H2R, where we too managed to break the two-ton mark. You can watch those videos here: