Video: One Lap at Sepang on Kawasaki’s 2016 ZX-10R

Testing Team Green’s World Superbike-inspired updates

With its 2016 ZX-10R, Kawasaki has taken everything it’s learned from recent World Superbike successes and set out to make a bike that’s faster, lighter handling, and more electronically advanced than ever before. Apparently, for Kawasaki, good just isn’t good enough.

Of course, in making a bike that was better for guys like Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes, Kawasaki has also made a bike that's overall easier to ride and more enjoyable for the average rider. That, at least, was our initial thought after throwing a leg over the bike at Sepang International Circuit during a recent one-day test.

For an onboard look at our time at the track, which highlights the ZX-10R's new-found agility and added speed, click play on the video above.

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