Video: Onboard Footage from the Macau Grand Prix

Go onboard an S 1000 RR at one of the most demanding street courses in the world

Every November, motorcycle racers with more guts than us line up for the Macau Grand Prix, and then upload videos like this for us less brave riders to watch from the comfort of our living room.

Popularly known as one of the more demanding races on any race schedule, the Macau GP is held at the Guia street circuit in Macau city, a 3.8 mile long course that is, at some points, as narrow as 22.8 feet, and has everything from massively long straights to tight, hairpin corners taken in first gear. To make things even more interesting, the track is lined in guard rails, stone walls, and cement barricades. In one word, it's terrifying.

Terrifying, but also perfect for shooting some utterly insane onboard footage, like this clip from Paul Shoesmith's BMW S 1000 RR, which was recently uploaded to YouTube. Click play on the video above to see just how crazy the track—and these riders—really are.