Video: Valentino Rossi talks about his history with Dainese

“The Doctor” describes his relationship with Dainese and then talks about all the changes Dainese introduced in racing and what he experienced himself in his leathers

video valentino rossi talks dainese history

Since the beginning of his Grand Prix career 18 years ago, nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi has worn only Dainese racing leather suits. Because of this long history, Rossi has unique insight into the safety advances made by Dainese, including many of which he helped develop along the way. It could easily be stated that Rossi can be considered as one of the contributors to technological improvements and innovations that can be found on all racing leathers today.

This second edition in a series of "webisodes" by Dainese centers around "The Doctor" describing in his own words his relationship with the company and the people who have helped him during his continuing career. While describing many of the innovations that Dainese has pioneered in racing protection, Rossi also serves up some great tidbits about his recollections from the past about riding gear that make this a very entertaining video, and far from some droll promotional commercial using a racing star as a scripted mouthpiece. Just one example of Rossi's wit comes in the very beginning of the video: "So, first of all, what I've learned throughout my career is that the safest thing is not to fall..."

Check out the video below: