New Yamaha teaser video R1?

Now Yamaha is getting into the "teaser video" realm with its first installment of a series depicting a new model to be unveiled November 3 at the EICMA show in Milan

yamaha teaser video new r1

After seeing the buzz Kawasaki got with its series of teaser videos on its new Ninja H2R, apparently Yamaha's ad agency decided it should get in on the action with Yamaha's new sportbike model that is slated for release at the EICMA show in Milan in November. A teaser video that is a bit more dramatic (at least with regards to dialogue, as the Kawasaki videos didn't have any) depicts the development of a new model that is obviously a supersport machine, based on numerous racetrack footage edits in the video and the profile shown at the conclusion. Spy shots of the new R1 under development at racetracks in Japan earlier this year generated rumors that the latest iteration of the venerated liter-size sportbike would be introduced around this time, and it appears those suppositions were apparently true.

Interestingly, the profile of the bike is eerily similar to the Ninja H2R, with a stubby tailsection and short-looking dimensions. Adding substantially to the similarity however is a shot of various design drawings laid out on a table. In one shot are drawings of a single-sided swingarm attached to a twin-spar chassis housing an inline-four engine. Will the new R1 come equipped with this chassis component that was once de rigeur for top-shelf sportbikes?

new yamaha r1 teaser video
In this screen capture of the Yamaha teaser video, the camera shows numerous design drawings on a table. Note the several drawings of a single-sided swingarm in the foreground; is this Yamaha's hint of what the new R1's chassis will have come November?

Time will tell as Yamaha starts doling out videos in the time leading up to the EICMA show on November 3. Stay tuned. The video is below: