Sneak Peek of Pirelli Angel GTires at Bilboa with the New Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo

Scorpion Trail is confirmed for the Multistrada 1200, 1200 S Touring and 1200 S Pikes Peak models

Rome, Georgia, September 27, 2012 – The new Pirelli Angel GT tires débuted on Basque soil in Bilbao, Spain alongside the unveiling of the latest arrival to the Ducati house: the Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo.

The new Angel GT sport touring tire in 120/70 R17 size for the front and 190/55 R17 size for the rear will be standard equipment on the latest version of the Borgo Panigale model. The tires will be available starting in 2013 as a continued partnership between the two iconic Italian companies.

The Angel GT upholds Pirelli’s commitment to excellence in performance, boasting 15 percent more mileage than the Pirelli Angel ST. The typical Pirelli sports attitude and top notch performance on wet roads goes along with thisfeature thanks to an in depth study of the compounds and geometry as well as the positioning of the grooves in the tread. In fact, the unique nature of the Angel GT lies precisely in the fact that its excellent characteristics suffer limited deterioration as it eats up kilometers, all the way to the end of the product's life cycle. Pirelli sums up this property as “Performance Mileage”.

Angel GT is the natural descendant of the Angel ST, a tire with multiple victories under its belt in the sport touring comparison tests conducted by the most prestigious international motorcycling magazines. Compared to its predecessor, the Angel GT substantially increases mileage, enhances grip and handling in wetconditions, most importantly, is able to maintain those properties at a high level over time.

The tread design on the Angel GT is an evolution of the Angel ST tread. It was designed for the primary purpose of providing regular wear and excellent water drainage guaranteed by both the front tires and by the new arrangement of the grooves on the rear tires. Its compounds feature a dual blend that uses allows for high mileage at the center with higher silica content on the shoulders to guarantee exceptional performance, even in wet conditions.

The high mileage was obtained by using latest generation compounds and also thanks to completely brand new profiles, redesigned to work in synergy with the structure and the construction materials: all of this works together to obtain a sport touring tire that still maintains the sports nature typical of the Pirelli brand.

The Pirelli Angel GT is the ideal tire for riders who want to travel long distances with the bike fully loaded, or those who simply want to take a solo ride in the country. Its flexibility makes it versatile enough for those who want to use their bikes all year round, both for recreation and commuting. All of this is true no matter what bike is used, whether a touring bike, a street enduro, naked or sport bike.

For the Multistrada 1200, 1200 S Touring and 1200 S Pikes Peak versions, Ducati confirmed the Pirelli Scorpion Trail as the standard equipment tire in 190/55 R17 on the rear and 120/70 R17 for the front. Suitable for street enduro motorcycles, also capable of long trips and excursions with light off-road sections, the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tire front tire provides the rider with full control and precision in curves, even in critical conditions due to the zero degree steel belt. Furthermore, the layout of the steel belt around the profile is denser closer to the shoulder and lighter toward the center, providing absolute stability in a straight line as well as high speed and extreme precision in turns.

The rear compound features a very high percentage of Silica and is able to provide good grip in the wet and the option of a quick warm-up without sacrificing traction on hot and humid roads or in a wide spectrum of weather conditions.

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