Shoei debuts new X-Spirit III racing helmet at Aragon MotoGP

New helmet features more aerodynamic design for high triple-digit speeds, improved ventilation, modular interior for custom fit

marc marquez shoei x spirit III helmet
Shoei debuted its new X-Spirit III helmet at the Aragon MotoGP, with sponsored rider Marc Marquez set to use the helmet during the race weekend.Milagro
shoei x spirit III rear view
The new Shoei X-Spirit III helmet features a more aerodynamic shape, with interchangeable spoiler attachments at the back for optimization of aerodynamics to achieve less buffetting.
shoei x spirit III side view
The Shoei X-Spirit III's faceshield features vortex generators at its trailing edge to reduce drag at high triple-digit speeds. There is also a new dual-lock system.
shoei x spirit III front view
Ventilation is claimed to have been improved, with redesigned vents in the top, brow, and chin area, and four exit vents. The lower chinbar of the helmet has also been redesigned for better aerodynamics.

Shoei debuted its new X-Spirit III helmet at the Aragon MotoGP race in Spain this weekend, with Marc Marquez slated to be using the helmet during the race at his home GP (the X-Spirit series is the moniker used by Shoei in the European and Japanese domestic markets for its flagship helmet currently known as the X-Twelve here in the US). The new X-Spirit III helmet is described by Shoei as a "pure racing helmet", and features an even more aerodynamic shape than its predecessor.

The X-Spirit III sports multiple spoilers and "turbulators" (in simple aerodynamic terms, a turbulator changes laminar airflow—airflow that is smooth and "sticks" to a surface—to turbulent airflow, which is what the name implies) for optimal aerodynamics at "speeds in excess of 186 mph" according to Shoei. Spoiler attachments at the back are changeable for custom tailoring of aerodynamics to achieve less buffetting at high speeds, and the faceshield has vortex generators at its trailing edge to reduce drag. Shoei says the new helmet's shape is intended for the aggressive forward riding position of a racer.

Ventilation is said to be improved over the previous model, with three forward intake vents (one atop the helmet, one at the rider's brow, and one in the chin area) and four exit vents in the rear. The X-Spirit III's interior is modular so that the helmet's overall positioning on the rider's head as well as the fit can be optimized. In a tight racing tuck, sometimes a helmet can sit too low on a rider's head and partially obscure forward vision, so Shoei designed the helmet to allow some height changes. The helmet retains Shoei's AIM-6 shell construction, multiple-density EPS liners, and EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) to allow easier helmet removal by trained emergency personnel.

The X-Spirit III is currently only available in black, white, and matte black. There is no word yet on whether Shoei plans to bring the X-Spirit III helmet to the US (presumably as a replacement for the X-Twelve), or pricing.