Schuberth Revealed C4 Helmet at Intermot

New design, modern decals, and innovative communication system

Intermot was packed with many new bikes and products that have captured our attention. Schuberth is among the motorcycle industry companies that have released new products and this includes their C4 flip-up helmet.

Schuberth C4 Flip-Up Helmet.Photo Courtesy of Schuberth

Schuberth claims that they have "improved the seemingly unimprovable" with the C4 by giving it a facelift with its new design, modern decals, and numerous innovations. Their modern decorating styles were created in the Kiska studios to give it the updated look as well as an innovative design with its perfect aerodynamics that are built for high speeds that sport riders love to reach. The C4 also comes with an anti-fog screen that is designed so that its upper edge won't obscure the rider's view even if they adopt a sports riding position. Furthermore, the outer shell is made from a fiberglass matrix and that offers protection.

On the inside, the lining is made from special EPS foam that offers maximum impact absorption and has Bluetooth communication and radio reception. Not only does it have an integrated aerial as standard, it also comes with two integrated speakers, a microphone and slots to accommodate the new optional communication system SC1, which was developed in collaboration with Sena.

The proprietary Anti-Roll-Off System rounds the helmet off.

The Schuberth C4 will be available in Europe spring 2017 in six different colors at 649.00 Euro as well as two decorative styles Pulse and Legacy in three color combinations each at 749.00 Euros in sizes XS to XXXL.