SBS Dual Carbon Classic Racing Brake Pads are Ready for the Track

Race-tested carbon-based pads for your bike

SBS Friction Dual Carbon Classic racing brake pads


SBS Friction gives you its Dual Carbon Classic racing pads that are race-tested and race-proven.Photo Courtesy of SBS Friction

SBS Friction brings modern technology in its latest brake product that was designed with the full intention of bringing the classic racing bikes to a halt. The SBS Dual Carbon Classic (DCC) racing pads are for serious racing historians.

Derived from more than 25 years of World Superbike and MotoGP Championships, these brake pads were inspired by SBS' successful championship winning Dual Carbon (DC) racing pad, and is a race-tested and race-proven winner engineered and manufactured using NRS Technology. The NRS Technology eliminates the need for glue and creates a virtually unbreakable bond between the friction material and the backing plate.

Since these brake pads were designed for racing and require heat to function due to their carbon base, street use is not allowed.

SBS Friction Dual Carbon Classic racing pads.
The DCC racing pads are designed specifically for racing and retail for $47.95.Photo Courtesy of SBS Friction

Chris Jensen, SBS North American Market Manager states: "SBS has developed a modern racing pad for those who are looking for a little nostalgia. With a smooth initial bite, it is ideal for classic fork construction and traditional bias ply tires. The DCC racing pads have a progressive brake performance, which offer superior brake power and frontend feel. Compatible with stainless and cast iron brake rotors delivering lower thermal conductivity and thermal load. Any racer looking to order SBS pads now or in the future can find their closest authorized SBS Racing Dealer at:”

You can get the SBS Dual Carbon Classic racing pads at your SBS Racing Dealer for $47.95.