Rizoma Motorcycle Accessories - New Products

Brake guards, mirrors, fluid tanks, and marker lights

Rizoma designs and manufactures a wide range of motorcycle accessories and some of their new products include the Pro Guard System, various mirrors, fluid tanks, and marker lights.

Pro Guard Brake Guard System, Rizoma

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Choose from either the Pro Guard Street or Racing System.Photo Courtesy of Rizoma

Pro Guard System
Rizoma was one of the pioneers of brake guards, and the Pro Guard sets the industry standard for quality, fit, and finish. Designed to help prevent unexpected brake-lever engagement, brake guards are required by the FIM and you'll find Rizoma's high-quality CNC machined aluminum Pro Guard on all of the Moto 2 machines, the Suzuki and Ducati MotoGP bikes and the MotoAmerica Yoshimura machines. Pro Guards are available in two styles; The street edition that is straight and can be run on both the brake and clutch side, and the racing edition, which is angled to allow more freedom of movement for the rider.

Mirrors, Rizoma Motorcycle Accessories

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Choose from a variety of mirrors in either silver or black.Photo Courtesy of Rizoma

Rizoma mirrors feature the same glass that's used in high-end automobiles such as Audi and Mercedes Benz. The convex, antiglare glass provides a wide, clear view. Aircraft-grade aluminum and anodizing process for fade-resistant surfaces provide long-term durability. Tight production tolerances and tuned-alloy structure decrease vibration for a clearer view.

Rizoma Fluid Tanks

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Rizoma fluid tanks are available in different styles and sizes.Photo Courtesy of Rizoma

Rizoma Fluid Tanks:
Rizoma fluid tanks are made of Aircraft-grade aluminum machined from a solid billet. The rubber components are top medical-grade for durability and consistent performance. Available in different styles and sizes, all tanks accommodate DOT 3 and 4 brake fluid, feature a convenient site window, and are available in different finishes for clutch master cylinder, and front and rear brake applications.

Rizoma Marker Lights
Rizoma's Marker Lights also come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors.Photo Courtesy of Rizoma

Marker Lights:
All Rizoma Marker Lights are lightweight, small, and aerodynamic and utilize high-tech LED illumination for maximum visibility. In addition to narrowing a bike's profile, these Marker Lights are mounted on bendable rubber stocks for added durability.