Rever Integrates App with Bosch mySPIN Platform

Bosch and Rever partner on the future of connected motorcycles

Rever and Bosch partner on the future of connected motorcycles
Bosch and Rever's partnership will allow riders to further connect with their motorcycle via Rever's app and Bosch's mySPIN Platform.Image Courtesy of Rever

Rever has announced that it is going to integrate its motorcycle planning, tracking, and sharing app into Bosch's new mySPIN Platform. If you attended EICMA you may have seen Bosch demonstrate the mySPIN Platform with Rever functionality. Bosch's mySPIN creates a smartphone/motorcycle link, presenting riders with relevant information that can be controlled directly via buttons on the motorcycle. Rever provides a host of features and motorcycle-specific content to the Bosch mySPIN-connected platform aimed at enhancing the overall riding experience.

The Bosch-Rever partnership helps improve riding experience with the following components:

  • Route Discovery: Riders are able to find popular motorcycling roads all over the world and filter by recommended rides nearby.

  • Navigation: Riders can navigate using routes they have pre-planned on the Rever website.

  • Friend Finder: View the location of your riding friends on the Rever map in real time, while you ride.

  • Tracking: Rever can be configured to automatically begin recording rides when you turn on a mySPIN-connected motorcycle.

  • Social-Media integration: Dynamic maps of tracked rides can be shared directly to popular social-media platforms.

  • Challenges: Riders can receive notification of achievements during a ride associated with Rever's popular ride challenges, which incentivize riders to log miles and visit interesting points of interest (POIs).

“This partnership with Bosch represents a milestone in advancing the connected experience for motorcyclists,” said Mark Roebke, CEO of Rever. “By combining the always-connected systems in smartphones to the rider-control dashboards on motorcycles, Bosch’s mySPIN will bring the best of Rever to motorcycle-control and display systems. Riders will enjoy Rever’s route discovery, navigation, and social features in a truly seamless riding experience with mySPIN. We are thrilled to be working with Bosch on this project and look forward to building the next generation of motorcycle-connected systems.”