I live for and through bikes. Everything, everything, I do is for riding. Bikes are in my head all day.

If I said that I race just to have fun, I would be lying. Of course, I have fun on the bike, but you need other things to be competitive. You need to win races and aim for the title.

I like to push the limits, but when I look at myself later, I say, “What have I done?!”

Marc Marquez
Hook 'em, Horns: Twenty-four-year-old Marc Marquez has won all five MotoGP races run at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.Courtesy of Repsol Honda

I've always thought this, but Nicky Hayden's death and Max Biaggi's accident have confirmed for me that if there's anything you can do today, do it, don't leave it for tomorrow.

Family, friends, and everything in your life outside the circuits have an important purpose for you: to maintain day-to-day stability and keep everything as normal as possible.

Jorge Lorenzo has something I like that many do not and that often creates controversy: He is always himself. Many people can't take him, but he is sincere and always says what he thinks. On track, he rides as he thinks he should.

Although in MotoGP, the riders continue to be the biggest difference, in the end, there is always the motorcycle and you have to understand how far you can go with it. To discover it, I venture into "unknown lands," exploring, experimenting. Even though it may cause me to crash five times in a weekend, like in Barcelona, this is me and I will not change.

Marc Marquez
Marquez and company will return to the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia for 2018 testing at the end of January.Courtesy of Repsol Honda

It is difficult to trust new people because it’s not easy to understand if they are with you for themselves or because they appreciate you. The doubt is always there.

I admire Rafael Nadal because he is a fighter, he always wants more, and that impresses me. I would like to be able to compare with him. Also with Andrés Iniesta and Lionel Messi. They are the best and I would like to be part of this group of athletes.

I guess if I put myself in the skin of others and see the relationship I have with my team, I would surely feel healthy envy. I think all the riders would like to have as much fun as I do with my team.

We all have the same goal on Sunday, which is to win. But if it turns out that you crash, then tomorrow will be another day—life goes on.

I respect Honda a lot and Honda respects me. We have managed to combine the way my team improvises and the planning of the Japanese.

Ángel Nieto was like father to me, but also to other young riders; he did a lot for all of us.

I have very clear ideas but never a fixed, immovable idea. I try not to be stubborn; I like to listen to others.