MotoGP: Triumph confirmed as Moto2 spec engine supplier

Three-cylinder 765cc engine from new Street Triple modified for higher power output to be used in Moto2 starting in 2019

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Triumph and MotoGP rightsholders Dorna have finally announced that the British motorcycle manufacturer will be the exclusive supplier of spec engines for the Moto2 class beginning in 2019. The 765cc engine from the 2017 Street Triple has numerous parts to modify it for racing use.Photo courtesy of Triumph

Confirming our reports back from the beginning of this year, Triumph and MotoGP rightsholders Dorna announced that the British marque will take over from Honda as the exclusive Moto2 spec engine supplier starting in 2019. Triumph will be supplying the 765cc three-cylinder engine that powers its new 2017 Street Triple, but with numerous modifications aimed at boosting power output from the production version's already stout 121 hp level.

Those changes include a different cylinder head with revised inlet and exhaust ports for improved high-rpm flow, plus titanium valves and stiffer valve springs to work with that higher-rpm running. A low-output race kit alternator provides less inertia for quicker revving, and also allows a narrower engine cover for better ground clearance. A taller first gear ratio reduces the jump between first and second gear for less stress on the gearbox, while a race-developed tunable slipper clutch allows adjustment for engine braking.

motogp, triumph motorcycles, moto2 engine supplier, 2019 moto2, 765cc triple cylinder engine, 2017 street triple, externpro, julian simon
Based on former 125cc GP world champion Julian Simon's comments as well as our own experience with the 2017 Triumph Street Triple, the 765cc engine should make a great Moto2 powerplant.Photo courtesy of Triumph

The ECU is a special unit developed in conjunction with Magneti Marelli, providing the datalogging capabilities required for use in Moto2. And the engine oil sump cover has been modified to allow better positioning of the exhaust headers for maximum flow. Triumph is claiming an output of 133 hp and 59 ft/lb of torque for the first iteration of the Moto2 engine.

The engine has already been tested by former 125cc Grand Prix World Champion and current Moto2 contender Julian Simon in a special Moto2 chassis built by Triumph. “The engine feels strong and In particular the mid-range is very impressive,” commented the Spaniard. “The feel between the throttle and the rear wheel is very direct and controllable. The general feeling is very good and the engine already shows great potential.”

Triumph will be supplying engines to official Moto2 engine company ExternPro, the firm that builds and tests the Moto2 engines to ensure their power output is as even and reliable as possible. “It is incredibly exciting to be working in conjunction with the iconic Triumph motorcycle company in supplying engines for the Moto2 World Championship,” said Trevor Morris, Technical Director from ExternPro. “I have been a fan of the triple engine for a long time, its unique characteristics and performance will ensure and enhance the future success of the championship.”