MotoAmerica: Sunoco Returns to 2017 MotoAmerica Series With New Fuel Spec

New spec fuel is compliant with FIM fuel guidelines

Sunoco returns for 2017 MotoAmerica Series
Sunoco will continue to be MotoAmerica's fuel supplier for the 2017 season.Image Courtesy of Sunoco Race Fuels

MotoAmerica has announced that it has renewed its agreement with Sunoco. Returning for its third season, the fuel company will yet again be the Official and Exclusive Fuel Supplier of the 2017 MotoAmerica Series. In addition, MotoAmerica and Sunoco have announced that the series will use a new spec fuel, APEX, which is compliant with FIM fuel guidelines.

For 2017, all five of MotoAmerica's classes will use Sunoco APEX, the company's 94-octane racing fuel that complies with fuel regulations limiting oxygen content to 2.7 weight percent. In the previous two seasons, MotoAmerica competitors used Sunoco RMR fuel.

"The properties of APEX were carefully tailored to allow small-bore, high-revving engines to achieve peak performance while maintaining compliance with FIM Superbike fuel rules," according to Sunoco. "Although APEX is not a street-legal fuel and is for off-road and racing use only, it will not harm oxygen sensors and catalytic converters and works fine in computer-controlled race engines."

"Over the past two years Sunoco has been a valuable partner for our competitor fuel needs and have proven to be great partners of motorcycle racing prior to MotoAmerica," said MotoAmerica partner Chuck Aksland. "Sunoco was very proactive in developing the new fuel and providing samples to teams back in September for testing. Results were positive and the decision was made to move forward with the APEX spec instead of the previous RMR product. We look forward to the 2017 season and our continued relationship with Sunoco."