Harley Factory Team Replaces XR750 with XG750R Flat Tracker for 2017 Series

Factory XG750R Racers will be announced January 28 during ESPN's X Games

Harley-Davidson Flat Track Factory Team to Use XG750R for 2017
The XG750R's race-modified, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 750cc V-twin engine will power Harley Factory team racers around the flat trackPhoto Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

For years the XR750 dominated the flat track for the Harley Factory team and now the team is replacing the beast with the Harley-Davidson XG750R for the 2017 American Flat Track racing series. The team will exclusively ride the new XG750R bikes throughout the season which opens during Daytona Bike Week at the March 16 AFT Daytona TT with the new circuit featuring a jump constructed inside the Daytona International Speedway. The 2017 Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Team will be revealed during the ESPN X Games Aspen on Saturday, January 28 and 2:44 p.m. ET.

“There is extraordinary energy building behind the new American Flat Track series and after decades of XR750 dominance, it’s time to bring a new level of performance and technology to the track with the Harley-Davidson XG750R,” said Harley-Davidson Vice President and Managing Director US Mike Kennedy. “The new Daytona TT promises to be a thrilling event. If you are in Daytona for Bike Week, ride to the race and help the Factory Team kick off an exciting season.”

The XG750R was built for flat track racing with its purpose-built chassis and race-modified, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 750cc Revolution X V-twin engine that was originally engineered for the Harley-Davidson Street 750. Both the chassis and engine were developed in collaboration with Vance & Hines Motorsports.

“Unlike our competitors, we are going flat track racing behind an American-made production engine,” said Kennedy. “The XG750R is a purebred racing motorcycle, but its modified engine is based on the same Revolution X V-Twin anyone can buy from a Harley-Davidson dealer in a Street 750 motorcycle, an engine designed by Harley-Davidson engineers and assembled at Harley-Davidson Vehicle and Powertrain Operations in Kansas City. There’s a direct link from the Street 750 to the XG750R flat tracker the Factory Team will be racing for a championship, and that link is our passion for performance.”

The XG750R raced through a development season in 2016 alongside the air-cooled Harley-Davidson Factory Team XR750 motorcycles. The XR750 has carried racers to countless victories and 37 AMA Grand National championships in 44 seasons of competition. Although the XG750R flat tracker motorcycle is not a production model, the 750cc XG Revolution X V-twin engine is for sale through Harley-Davidson dealers today and can be modified for racing use by aspiring dealers and privateers.