Guy Martin vs. David Coulthard at Silverstone - BMW Superbike vs. Red Bull F1 Car

Can the F1 car lap the BMW in just three laps?

If you read our article earlier this week that compared the braking characteristics of a Formula 1 car to a MotoGP bike, you'll already know that the F1 car is much better on the brakes. In a recent episode of Speed With Guy Martin, Martin challenged Formula 1 star David Coulthard to a race at Silverstone, but there was a catch: Martin would only have to complete three laps on his Tyco BMW Superbike while Coulthard would have to complete four laps in his Red Bull Formula 1 car.

What makes the video interesting is that Martin has some candid thoughts on the Formula 1 car, while Coulthard gives some insight into the different challenges to driving a car quickly around the racetrack. On top of that, the commentary provides comparisons of speed, G forces and more as the car and bike circulate the track.

The clip shown here is just a part of the entire episode, which included a variety of other challenges - a drag race, a braking comparison, and a fun segment where Martin changes a wheel on the Formula 1 car while Coulthard changes the rear wheel on the BMW Superbike.

Watch the entire show on the Channel 4 website or on YouTube. Or watch just the pit stop segment below.