The Essential 2017 Isle of Man TT Program is Now Available

Which program will you choose?

2017 Isle of Man TT program
Choose between either Ian Hutchinson or Michael Dunlop for your 2017 Isle of Man TT program.Image Courtesy of Isle of Man TT

You can now order your 2017 Isle of Man TT program that features either Ian "Hutchy" Hutchinson or Michael Dunlop. With both riders wowing the crowds with their sensational lap-record-breaking feats, it only seemed fair to feature both racers on the cover of the 2017 program.

Take your pick of either:

Ian "Hutchy" Hutchinson:
The fastest man ever on a Superstock bike - 133.098mph - is also tied with the legendary Mike Hailwood on 14 wins. His major claim to TT fame is as the only rider to have won five races in one week, a feat he managed at the 2010 meeting. In 2017 he won both Supersport races as well as his record-setting Superstock victory.

Michael Dunlop:
As the title of his new autobiography suggests, Michael was born to race, in a family of road racing stars. He has continued the winning reputation established by his father Robert and uncle Joey, with a total of 13 TT victories to his name, including both Superbike races at TT 2016. He also became the first rider to lap the TT Course at an average of over 133mph - and the first to lap in under 17 minutes!

Whichever you choose you can be sure that you can be sure that you'll be ready for a sensational 2017 Isle of Man TT.

If you would like to order your copy of either Hutchinson or Dunlop-featured programs, click HERE.

Copies will be in stock early May. For non-UK deliveries, please choose a recorded delivery method to ensure you will get your copy.

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