Design sketch of 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 (and 750)?

New GSX-Rs to debut at Intermot and Suzuki’s American dealer show in October

Design sketch 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600

This past year has been a tough one for Suzuki GSX-R fans. With American Suzuki Motor Corporation (the U.S. subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan) not importing any 2010 sportbike models onto U.S. shores due to the global financial crisis—and the GSX-R lineup getting overshadowed not only by new rival Japanese sportbike entries, but new, highly-capable European models as well—there was little to cheer about other than the bike’s racing exploits in the AMA Pro Road Racing series. Once known as a sportbike power in the industry and motorcycling world, the GSX-R brand has been taking some hits lately, and even getting a little stagnant in the eyes of sportbike enthusiasts.

Along with what is hopefully appearing to be the light at the end of the global financial meltdown tunnel, Suzuki looks to be taking a step out of the defensive position it took to weather out the storm with the introduction of what we’ve heard will be a new GSX-R600—and possibly 750 (the two have shared a basically common platform since ’01) for 2011. This design sketch of what appears to be the new ’11 GSX-R prior to its actual release at Intermot and the company’s American dealer show in Las Vegas next weekend has been making the rounds. While it would be easy to surmise from the sketch that very little onthe GSX-R has changed, according to our sources, nothing could be further from the truth. The new GSX-R is said to be practically new from the ground up; the engine’s bore and stroke is the practically the only aspect that has remained the same.

Sport Rider will be there at the Suzuki dealer show when the GSX-R is unveiled, and we’ll be giving you a full report. Stay tuned.