BMW i Ventures Invests in Rever to Enhance Motorcycle Riding Experience

BMW i Ventures announces strategic investment in Rever

BMW i Ventures has announced a strategic investment in Rever Moto, Inc., a motorcycle-focused mobile and technology company who aims to bring big data to the motorcycle industry.

Rever's free app works with the Rever website to help riders discover the world's best roads, create custom routes, track some epic rides and share their riding experiences across social platforms. Since 2015 Rever users have tracked millions of miles on motorcycle rides in over 100 countries around the world. We can see why BMW i Ventures has made such an investment.

BMW i Ventures makes strategic investment in Rever

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BMW i Ventures sees the passion and the technology that will enhance the motorcycle industry with the Rever app and has made a strategic investment in the company.Photo Courtesy of Rever

“We see Rever as one of the distinct players in the future of motorcycling as a connected experience and are excited to be part of further developing its future. BMW Motorcycle customers will be able to use the latest technology to enhance their rides and to share their passion for riding. ” said Ulrich Quay, Head of BMW i Ventures.”

“We are really excited to work with BMW i Ventures not only because we received the necessary capital to scale but because just like us, they are committed to changing the way people experience transportation. Their incredible network of talent and resources is also crucial to helping Rever become a household name among motorcycle riders” said Mark Roebke and Justin Bradshaw, Co-Founders of Rever.