Avon Tyres Free Road Hazard Warranty For New Motorcycle Tires

Ride with confidence with Avon's Road Hazard Warranty with your new tire purchase

You can ride your motorcycle with a peace of mind knowing that you are covered with Avon Tyres' free road hazard warranty that covers any damage done to your purchased Avon tires.

Avon Tyres Free Road Hazard Warranty
Be sure to fill out the warranty form at the dealer to activate your free warranty.Image Courtesy of Avon Tyres

This exclusive road hazard warranty program ensures that your damaged tires can be replaced if any damage is done to them on the road.

“Avon tires meet the highest standards, but we understand that tires can suffer accidental damage,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America. “If a tire is damaged during normal use soon after purchase, we’ll replace it – free.”

All you have to do is complete the warranty form with the tire dealer at the time of purchase to activate the Road Hazard Warranty.

A replacement tire will be offered if a tire becomes unserviceable as a result of an eligible adjustable condition during the first 1mm of tread wear.

If you need any other details or would like to download the warranty brochure visit http://www.avonmoto.com/tech/road-hazard-warranty

Certain terms and conditions apply. Not for non-D.O.T. approved race tires. The warranty is valid on any new tire up to the first 1mm of tread wear and covers normal road use only. Incorrect inflation, off-road use, racing and deliberate damage will invalidate the warranty.