Scrambler is Ducati's hottest-selling and most accessible model. To make it even more accessible, Ducati developed a new edition specifically conceived for sale on the internet. This new model's name? "Hashtag," of course.

Hashtag is a special edition of the Scrambler Sixty2, which is powered by a 399cc variation of Ducati’s eternal air-cooled SOHC 90-degree V-twin. At the moment, Hashtag is only available in select European markets: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

Hashtag comes in Midnight Black with an orange Scrambler gas-tank graphic for an exclusive and a rather simple but attractive color scheme. The seat is borrowed from the Scrambler Desert Sled. Hashtag costs 6,990 euros in Italy—about $8,400 at current exchange rates.

The purchasing process is fairly straightforward. First, you connect to the dedicated site, buy a 500-euro voucher, and then head to the dealer selected when you acquired the voucher. Finally, you sign the contract, finalize the payment, and choose a delivery date.

Ducati Scrambler
Ducati’s second-generation Scrambler has never at once been so accessible and exclusive at the same time. Ownership for European buyers is only a few clicks of a mouse away.Courtesy of Ducati

Ducati has accurately detailed the entire procedure on its website. Anyone who buys a Scrambler Hashtag will receive a 20 percent discount on original Scrambler Sixty2 accessories and the full line of Scrambler merchandise.