Riding Indian’s FTR750 Flat-Tracker And FTR1200 Concept On Track

An American Flat Track racer for the street

At the end of 2017, at EICMA, Indian unveiled a concept called the FTR1200. It's essentially the 1,131cc engine from the standard Indian Scout, shoehorned into a lean chassis designed to mimic the look of the firm's AFT Twins championship-winning FTR750. It's dripping with carbon fiber and high-end components, and it's the musclebound street tracker many of us have been waiting for someone to build.

It’s important to point out that the FTR1200, while it exists, is being presented as a factory custom. That means there’s no official plan or intention to produce and sell FTR1200s, but since when are factories in the business of building one-off customs? After riding this new custom, we’re very keen to see it available for public consumption.