Quarter-Liter Two-Stroke Motorcycle Video Teaser!

A 17-year-old racer falls in love with a 27-year-old streetbike

Cycle World magazine is all about shootouts, so when we heard Tim Hope at Moto2 Imports was bringing exotic strokers into America we gave him a call: "Can you bring some 250s to New Jersey Motorsports Park?"

Hope and SpeedWerks' Steve and Seth Long arrived with a eight beautiful bikes to display at the MotoAmerica race, then left us a pair of Honda NSR250s, a Suzuki RGV250 and a Yamaha TZR250 for a retro-shootout that we never thought would happen again in this country. I was joined by testers Josh Siegel, Eziah Davis, Keith Culver and Anthony Mazziotto.

Stay tuned to Cycle World magazine for a complete report, but here's a teaser for all you "real engine" fanatics!

More Next Tuesday!