Production Dream Bikes We Drooled Over At The 2017 AIMExpo

Halo Bikes that fuel our dreams, even if we’ve seen them before.

There are certain bikes that will always fuel our passion: bikes that by any metric—beauty, pedigree, rarity, or revelatory—stand as infinite, consummate, lust-worthy, take-out-a-second-mortgage-I-must-have-one types of motorcycles. We love aspirational bikes, not only because they stimulate our own imaginations, but because they so clearly represent the near-unfettered manifestations of their designers’ imaginations. So, while the following bikes aren’t new, they remain profound. Seriously, has anyone ever tired of looking at a Honda RC30, Moto Guzzi MGS-01, or Vincent Black Shadow?

Honda RC213-VS

For appreciators of: those obsessed with attention to detail.

Honda’s MotoGP replica conjures visions of beating Marquez at his own game (these bikes are about dreaming, remember).Seth Richards
Have you ever seen welds so beautiful? And those fairing stays!Seth Richards
Triple tree hewn from Soichiro’s golden seat in heaven.Seth Richards

Yamaha YZF-R1M

For appreciators of: carbon fiber weaved with as much love as was the Shroud of Turin. The R1M is pretty reasonably priced all things considered.

Just in case you’re still suffering from delusions of grandeur from ogling the RC213V-S, you should know that after his recent enduro injury, Rossi threw a leg over an R1M, of all things, to see how he was healing. That should bring you down to earth.Seth Richards
Yamaha lavished this particular unit with some tasty bits from its accessory catalog, such as this Yoshimura exhaustSeth Richards
Aforementioned carbon fiber.Seth Richards

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

For appreciators of: stealth fighters. And power. Lots of power.

MotoGP winglets…er, I mean, “aerodynamics packages."Seth Richards
The heart of the matter.Seth Richards
Single-sided swingarm exposes throwing star-like wheels. Which part sounds better? Blunderbuss-like exhaust or angry intake howl?Seth Richards

Indian Scout FTR750

For appreciators of: honest-to-goodness factory racebikes stuffed with tech, but without the pretension.

Customer-spec FTR racebike. Indian, if you’re listening, please build one for the street.Seth Richards
Beautiful enough for the collector’s living room, but begging for the track.Seth Richards
Just so you know…Seth Richards
The real McCoy: Jared Mees’s championship-winning bike.Seth Richards