Crazy Concept Motorcycles That Are Out Of This World

Conceptualize this!

Crazy motorcycle concepts are often revealed at huge expos like EICMA, CES, Intermot, and the Tokyo Motor Show. Sometimes the designs might make us think about what was going on in the heads of the designers, but more often than not it has us wishing that the future was now. Unfortunately, many never make it to production, but it is always inspiring to see the creativity and resourcefulness that many design teams fabricate. Whether they are fueled by the future, their passion, or different energy resources, we can still dream that these past concepts will come to fruition eventually.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Aero

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 AeroCourtesy of Husqvarna

If any concept would look at home when we eventually do touch down and settle on other planets, it would be this rocket-esque Husky. When the Svartpilen and Vitpilen 401 were launched in 2017, they remained faithful to the concepts and prototypes, so Husky, if you’re listening, keep that trend going for the 701 Aero. Now all I will need is my $250,000-plus space travel ticket and this 701 Aero with me when I go off on my Martian vacation, thank you very much.

Aprilia RS 660

Aprilia RS 660Courtesy of Aprilia

With body that is built for solid stability at speed and a twin-cylinder engine nestled in an aluminum frame, this Aprilia RS 660 concept looks light and lithe and already poised to take our money. The 660cc parallel-twin engine is derived from the Tuono V4 and RSV4 1100 Factory V-4 powerplant and has us dreaming of testing its stability and power at the track. If this concept can carry over all of the bells and whistles of this concept to production, we don’t think anyone would complain.

Honda CB125X

Honda CB125XCourtesy of Honda

Small bore, spoked wheels, and Dakar-appropriate bodywork would excite any ADV or Dakar Rally enthusiast who wants to eat up the unexpected rally terrain. If you also take a peek at the front end, you may notice the clutch-side brake caliper looks familiar like, say, on a CRF perhaps. Although this was revealed just last year, if this small-displacement ADV motorcycle made it through to dealers, a whole slew of beginner riders would make it out to dunes, trails, and more on the coolest light adventure bike ever.

BMW Vision DC Roadster

BMW Vision DC RoadsterCourtesy BMW Motorrad

The Bavarian manufacturer’s first electric jolt in the thunderstorm of current electric machines, this Vision DC Roadster maintains the BMW identity without the boxer flat-twin by having some lateral width to mimic the classic internal-combustion architecture. If you take a look from above, you will see the gaping hole in the aluminum frame and through this hole you can see the longitudinally oriented battery. The design doesn’t need to take into account a gas tank and that, in addition to the Duolever fork, makes this positively futuristic. The nod to the exposed drive shaft and boxer width blur the lines between BMW tradition and modernity.