Nitro Circus Is Taking Its Tour To The Next Level

An all-moto show featuring the biggest ramps ever toured takes Travis Pastrana and company to new heights

Nitro Circus
Travis Pastrana and his band of merry misfitsCourtesy of Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana and his band of merry misfits, in true Nitro Circus fashion, are never happy unless they're pushing the envelope. And now that they've sent everything from motorcycles to shopping carts to Razor scooters off their freestyle ramp—the next place to go is up.


Pastrana and crew have built new 15-foot ramps (5 feet taller than anything else they’ve taken on tour), which launch riders 60 feet above the ground. The landing ramps have also grown to a massive 23 feet.

The Next Level Tour is an all-moto show, with a new batch of death-defying stunts and insane antics. The tour launches April 28 and hits 13 North American cities through the end of June. Full details and tickets can be found on its site.

Sadly, this tour won’t hit the West Coast, but I have to feel like they’re working on a way to bring the Next Level Tour to us too.