The AGV Corsa and Pista GP are two of the prettiest motorcycle helmets on the market. They started the trend of adding rear spoilers, they're beautifully Italian in their design, and they're championed and developed around Valentino Rossi, one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time.

There's only one problem: I hate them.

AGV Corsa R
They finally let us out and this was the first, and last, time I was in front of Mr. ScaysbrookErik Voake

Okay, I should qualify that some. I think they're beautiful helmets and they've never fit me, which makes me sad. On top of that, their old marketing team did not believe that some helmets didn't fit some head shapes, and they refused to believe that they didn't fit me and were always trying to convince me they could make them fit...and they couldn't.

So, when I was invited to test the new AGV Corsa R at Buttonwillow Raceway, I was pretty skeptical about the event. But, they swore they would find a way to make them fit me this time and a bunch of friendly faces were going, and I thought that if they were ever going to fit, this would be the time as they would have the helmet's designers attending as well as every shaped and sized pad available.

Agv Corsa
AGV Corsa RErik Voake

Unfortunately, the nice folks at AGV somehow forgot to bring any spare pads of any size but, luckily for them their revised fit meant I was now a size medium-large instead of a large and, even though there is too much room in the cheeks, the thing fits pretty good around the crown of my head. This is a first for the Italian brand and I, and meant I'd be riding in their helmet today instead of the Shoei I brought in case they were lying about the new fit being better. But more on that in a bit.

Additionally, you'll notice I'm wearing two different helmets in this story. One of them is the Corsa R in gloss black, while the other is the first Hello Cousteau helmet in existence. I have more content coming with Hello Cousteau, but I was able to get a pre-production unit to him to paint in time for the event. More news coming soon on how you can can own your own Hello Cousteau lid.

AGV Corsa R
The AGV Corsa R looks great with leathers or a leather jacket. And hand tattoos (sorry mom, but they're coming soon).Erik Voake

Product Overview

The Corsa R and Pista GP R round out the top end of AGV's sport helmet offering, and comes as updates to the existing Corsa and Pista GP helmets. AGV cites the Pista GP R as their "MotoGP helmet," while the Corsa R is relegated to "the ultimate track helmet" duty. The Pista has a more aggressive shape, more aggressive aerodynamic wing, and forgoes any sort of vent cover in the name of saving weight.

Both helmets come in seven different sizes, which are made from a combination of four different shell sizes and different sized padding. The Pista GP R is 100% carbon fiber, while the Corsa R is carbon/aramidic/fiberglass mix. Both get the new visor, which is 5mm thick (most are 3mm), offers 85 degrees of vertical view and 190 degrees of horizontal view, and is class optics 1 which means it won't fatigue your eyes like a cheap pair of sunglasses. It's worth noting that AGV make some of the best looking visors in the industry and I'm nothing short of obsessed with the gold, reflective tinted one I had in most of these shots.

AGV Pista GP R
Venting on the previous AGV Pista GPCourtesy of AGV

The ventilation system has been reworked, with revised ports that capture more air external air, and new directs which channel air over a wider space of the rider's face and onto the shield to help with fogging. There is also a new visor closure system, which has been beefed up to prevent accidental openings.

The interior structure of the helmet has been reworked for what AGV call a more "embracing fit." They've changed the interior connectors to make them easier to swap out, and claim the new fit reduces interior noise by 29%. The interior liners and materials have all been bolstered, and now feel far more quality and nicer on the skin.

AGV Pista GP R
Venting on the new AGV Pista GP RCourtesy of AGV

The Pista GP R has a few things which separate it from the Corsa R. The air intake ducts on the chin have massive scoops to funnel even more air into the helmet, and the rear extractors have been elongated to help pull air through the helmet. The top vent inlays are metal, to help increase the strength and rigidity of the exterior. The rear spoiler has been revised, which AGV claim has improved the helmet's aerodynamics by 4%.

The Pista GP R gets a special liner, which is customizable to help contour to the shape of the head. Finally, it's the first helmet to come with an integrated hydration system.

AGV Corsa R
The reversible liner of the AGV Corsa RCourtesy of AGV

The Corsa R isn't completely left out of getting special features, and AGV have given it a special crown pad that is reversible, with one side for warm weather riding and the other for cool.

Both helmets will be available in February, with the Corsa R coming in at $999.95 and the Pista GP R at $1,599.

Sean MacDonald
Most of our bike gang "Jesse and The Rippers" were there to try out the new helmetsErik Voake

Riding In The Corsa R

With the actual helmet release not coming until February, AGV wasn't able to bring Pistas for all the riders (nor is one day enough to truly test two helmets), so I stuck with the Corsa R for the day. When they've sent me helmets in the past, I've worn a large because they haven't fit me and it was the only way to avoid a headache. With their new fit, I'm now a medium/large, though I still have too much room in the cheeks and will need larger pads once they get them in.

AGV Corsa R
The Yamaha FZ-10 is a whole lot of fun on that trackErik Voake

Initially, I was impressed with the finish and interior of the helmet. The only other AGV that's fit me okay is the AX-8 dual sport helmet, and I took one to South Africa for the launch of the Africa Twin, where my unit fell apart a bit over the course of the weekend. The screws that held the peak snapped even though I was trying to be gentle with them, the visor scratched easily, and one of the interior snaps on the liner fell out. The new Corsa R could not be a farther departure from that, and I love everything from the thick visor to the plush liner.

I was concerned about the less than perfect fit making my day obnoxious. However, I really have to hand it to the AGV's designers because between the helmet's light weight and the aerodynamic improvements from the rear spoiler, I didn't notice any effects from the extra room except for with speeds over 110. Surely, some bigger pads will make a big difference at high speeds.

AGV Corsa
AGV Corsa RErik Voake

The Corsa is incredibly aerodynamic, and I didn't notice any buffeting even as I turned my head at speed.

The Corsa isn't what I would call a quiet helmet (which is as it should be, because light weight and quiet are somewhat mutually exclusive and weight matters more in this application), but it was not loud by any means, and was completely void of any weird whistles or booms. The eyeport is huge, and visibility is top notch.

AGV Corsa
AGV Corsa RPreston Burroughs

Should You Buy It

Eeeesh, this is a tough one. The Corsa R and Pista GP R have made a ton of small updates that make a massive improvement over the previous versions. Visibility is better, it's quieter, the interior is nicer, the fit is better, it flows more air, and it's more aerodynamic.

Throughout the day, I was actually incredibly impressed by its performance, especially given my low expectations for the day and inability to get the correct fit. The only really annoyance I has was with the visor opening method, which I struggled to depress with gloves on.

Sean MacDonald
No day at the track is complete without a little trash talk, or me in my underwearErik Voake

The tough thing about gear is that the idea of "worth" is dependent on a million different things, and the benefits reaped by spending more never increase in the same quantity as the price.

Personally, I'd stick with the Shoei X-14 that I've come to really love as it's cheaper, I actually like the looks of it more, it fits me better, and it comes in white (which I prefer). But, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that none of those make it actually a better helmet, which is to say that if you're an AGV fan, make more money than I, have a different shaped head than I, or have different tastes than I and want to buy this helmet, you're going to be really happy with it.

As for me, I can't say I hate AGVs anymore. I actually really dig this helmet and am excited to spend more time in it, both on the street and the track. It's far better than I hoped it would be, and is now a serious contender for anyone looking for a premium helmet

AGV Corsa
I never wanted to stop ridingPreston Burroughs
AGV Corsa R
My Hello Cousteau looks incredible from the sidePreston Burroughs
AGV Corsa R
This is actually just me fumbling with the visor, trying to get it upErik Voake
Yamaha FZ-10
The more I ride this bike, the more I fall in love with itPreston Burroughs
AGV Corsa
I went with the tramp stamp, because everyone has it on their buttPreston Burroughs
AGV Pista GP R
The AGV Pista GP R's liner can be custom fit to your headCourtesy of AGV
AGV Pista GP R
The vents on the Pista GP RCourtesy of AGV
AGV Corsa R
The new interior is much nicerCourtesy of AGV