MV Agusta’s 5-Year Plan: Massimo Bordi Speaks

350 and 500cc models, more powerful three-cylinder engines, and electric bicycles and motorcycles.

MV Agusta
MV Agusta has a five-year plan that includes producing an additional 3,000 units per year, year over year.MV Agusta

MV Agusta is rolling up its sleeves to actuate the vigorous five-year plan that CEO Timur Sardarov announced at the official advent of the new management. This represents a radical changing of the guard, the end of the Castiglionis era, and the return of Massimo Bordi in the position of executive vice president, with full responsibility for production and quality control.

Bordi is an old, good friend who was very open to talking and further explaining the contents of the five-year plan that he conceived with Sardarov to bring MV Agusta to the solid and prestigious condition that the name deserves.

Massimo Bordi
Massimo Bordi lays out the plans to take MV Agusta into a successful and profitable future.MV Agusta

“The first part of the five-year plan is to close year 2019 with a real production of 3,000 units. No problem, and the success of the Serie Oro executions of the Superveloce 800 and Brutale 1000 is bringing home solid money even for 2019. But according to our five-year plan, MV Agusta will increase production and sales numbers by 3,000 units every year over the previous one—and more.

“To achieve this brilliant progression, our plan is based on three pillars. First, we are launching a very strong program aimed at constantly evolving our three-cylinder engine to new levels of quality, reliability, performance, and accessibility. This unit is proving a real mainstay for MV Agusta, and the line of models powered by its various versions are consolidating a very positive image for us. So our first evolutionary step will be enlarging the engine size to 950cc, and that alone will be a very big step since we plan to achieve this with no substantial increase in size and weight. This will give the MV Agusta three a supreme power-to-weight ratio. We expect it to be capable of around 170 horsepower, with gobs of torque and full reliability.

“But there will be a second evolutionary step, a super-performance unit featuring forced induction by an electric-motor-driven supercharger—the optimal supercharging system for motorcycles since full modulation of its response can be fully integrated in the ECU engine managing capability. The final result will be a perfectly flat torque curve in combination with unequaled power levels and great all-around efficiency.”

There is no doubt that Massimo knows what he is talking about since he also is one of the top motorcycle project engineers in the past 50 years, and investing in the sophisticated MV Agusta three-cylinder unit is a very rational move for the firm to bring its bread and butter home quickly.

MV Agusta triple
Bordi says that 170 hp is possible in the future from MV Agusta’s triple.MV Agusta

"The second pillar of our five-year plan is the cooperation contract Timur recently signed with Chinese giant Loncin Motor Co., and that will soon give life to a new generation of twin-cylinder engines in 350cc and, later, 500cc. They are being designed and developed here in MV Agusta. The 350cc will have absolute priority since this is the most popular displacement today around the world. The association with Loncin Motor Co. in this project should allow MV Agusta access to production numbers never heard of here at Schiranna from the golden years of Aermacchi-Harley-Davidson.

“Loncin was accurately analyzed by our technical team in its production technology and potential, and everything checked out very positively. Loncin Motor Co. utilizes the most advanced digitally controlled tooling and quality control systems at every stage of the production cycle, and they also welcome the permanent presence of our team of specialists who will cooperate and assist them on every possible issue. Outsourcing today is a must to stay competitive, and Loncin ensures top quality and full reliability.

“The MV Agusta 350cc models will be exclusively MV Agusta, and are being designed and will be developed at CRC, our R&D department in San Marino Republic. There will be a complete range of versions, and all will be top class but still very competitive.

“The last pillar of our plan is the creation of a division dedicated to the development and production of electric bikes. We will start with bicycles with electric-motor-assisted pedaling. And then we will access the very promising domain of non-registered, 4kW power scooters or mopeds. Then we might extract an electric motorcycle from the 350cc touring model.

“Timur is firmly convinced that the evolution of battery technology will put us in the position of achieving efficiency levels much more satisfactory than what is available today.”

The five-year plan conceived by the new MV Agusta management represents a big challenge for all of them, but for Massimo Bordi in particular. He will have to reach for his best ability in extracting maximum productivity, efficiency, and quality control from every department of the factory, and that is a massive task.

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