MV Agusta's F4Z Is Great, But This Is the Bike It Should Really Build

Because superbikes are cool, but this might be cooler

MV Agusta has finally pulled the (digital) cover off its F4Z, a relatively exciting "superbike" that it promises to tell us more about soon. The problem? Even if MV does go into production with the F4Z, it's not the bike I was hoping it would release. Instead, I was hoping for something more like the Brutale 800 RR-based café racer that Deus Ex Machina's US Motorcycle Design Director Michael Woolaway recently built.

Sure, the riding position of this bike, which was inspired by the Giacomo Agostini's 1966 Isle of Man TT championship winning bike (and appropriately named the Ago TT), doesn't exactly look all-day comfortable. That said, it does look awesome, and because it's based on the Brutale 800 RR, we have to imagine it would probably works pretty well too.

MV Agusta has had its fair share of ups and down these past few years, but already proven it's ability to build multiple variations of a single platform. If it could build and sell a Brutale 800 Dragster, why not something like the Ago TT, just with headlight, brake light, and turn signals? I have to imagine people would love it, and buy it.

There is, of course, the small chance that the people inside MV know better than me. That people won’t love it. And won't buy it.

Would you? Take a look at it from some of the photos from Instagram (below) and let us know.