Video: This Near Miss In The Dunes Is Way Too Close For Comfort (And Jeep Hoods)

But fortunately ends about as well as it could have...

Jeep and dirt bike in the sand dunes.
This is going to get close. Dent-in-the-hood, turn-away-from-the-screen close.Facebook

Some of the videos that pop up on social media these days have to be watched with one hand over the eyes. This is almost one of those videos.

It first popped up yesterday and is now making the rounds in the wonderful world of Instagram and Facebook. If you haven't seen it yet, click play and you'll know why. This could have ended so much worse than it did, with a dent in the hood of the Jeep and some massively spiked heart rates.

Content warning: This ends about as well as it could, but there is some adult langauge. Go ahead and turn the volume off if you don't want to start your morning off with some swearing.


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Posted by Blake 'Bilko' Williams on Monday, February 6, 2017