Man In A Van With A Plan Hayden Gillim Takes A Vacation Day At Season’s End

Playtime in the desert—on motorcycles, of course

How does The Man in a Van with a Plan relax? Loading said van with motorcycles—again—and heading out to play ride.

It's the love of riding that keeps us going through a tough season of racing developing a new bike, wrecking a new bike, and hitting a tire wall. Getting on the MotoAmerica podium a few times is also inspirational. And there's nothing more inspiring than ass-kicking victories in the American Flat Track Singles class for a few TT races.

But after all that seriousness and pressure, isn't it nice to roll out on a pair of Suzuki RM-Z450 playbikes and just go riding, camping, eating, and relaxing?

Yes! Hayden hit last year hard in so many ways and in his mostly California-based off-season, he decided to pack up his MVP Ford Transit for a typical day of play, heading to Milestone MX Park in Riverside to do some morning flat-tracking and then off to the desert to do some nighttime roosting and reflect on the past year of MVP.

Watch the video and take the ride.